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What I Do

What I do

Marc’s specific skillset is primarily the designing and establishment of 'Alternative Investment Funds, or AIF's, and is astute in listing credible companies on specific stock exchanges and further creates specific business entities, companies and corporate structures specific to attractive investment entities. 

With a developed skillset and underpinned by academic achievements in the business and financial fields, Marc is well equipped to build businesses, companies and  corporations from the ground up and manages the results of his clients and his own company Integer Wealth Global into a profitable entities.

Marc’s preferred approach is the white label design of  operational business systems, and related processes models for the business entity to operate regardless of its purpose.

This makes Marc a sought after COO or CEO within the investment industry globally.

Marc has lived in Germany (by birth), Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and as a German youth was raised in South Africa and now lives between the UK, Luxembourg and Cyprus, Europe.

Proud director and member

Proud director and member of the board of directors of Integer Wealth Global S.A., and the Integer Wealth Global Group of companies,  investment specialist in project and business investments.

Founding member of Integer Wealth Global.

Due Diligence Investigations

One of the sharpest functions in the work that Marc performs is 'Due Diligence'. The investigative and integral part of any project of any sort is the ability to make critical informed decisions and Marc has a 17 years history of performing in depth 'Due Diligence' functions in all business sectors, whether financial, mathematical or intelligence.

From Aviation, to construction, mining to agriculture, innovation to renewable energy, the formulae Marc applies remains the same consistent vertical analysis to obtain the information for his clients to make informed decisions.

Marc often quotes, that a due diligence is not to discourage any investment, loan nor interest in a project, but to assist the client in understanding what the often unapparent challenges are to their project, and thereby, (and often collaborating with the highest minds available to the relevant project subject) assist the client to overcome and manage through these challenges to arrive at a bankable project.

From a creative side, Marc compiles some of the finest project presentations available, applying an organised ISO style approach to his tasks.

It is a core competency of Marc, which often result in exceptional value to both client and investor or institution alike.

On topics such as due diligence, company and corporate setups and in general also using his own life experiences as topics for motivational speaking, Marc uses an ‘around about’ manner in his presentations and speaking engagements which come together in the end. He has a vivid imagination and a huge sense of humour.

When asked to explain what he does in a few words, Marc responded "Forensic risk analysis. All other work I do is done through this lens."

Any speaking engagements can be booked directly at

Books by Marc Bandemer

Real manuals published with real first-hand experiences by the author with insight and advice on how to take dreams off the street and realise them for those people with a vision of an 'Empire' in their minds.


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