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Business Consultant,Entrepreneur,Author,Father,Husband,Pilot

Marc Bandemer

Just trying to be a good dad, husband and grandad, and the helping others get to where they want to be...

About Marc

I am Marc Bandemer and have managed and accomplished many failures in my life. However, I have had a handful of successes and this is where I am striving in to build upon those stepping stones of my life..

“Through the posts and writings that Marc Bandemer has shared over the years on social media, I have found him to be very knowledgeable about business and life in general. He Is very generous in sharing his wisdom and insight and it is a great honour to count him among my friends and business associates.”

Bruce Mubayiwa

My association with Marc Bandemer at Integer Wealth SA has been a pleasure and his and their knowledge and understanding of financial markets and destination investment into their projects is most professional.

Alan Heath

If you want to meet a superb business executive, Marc is your man. A passionate entrepreneur with a focus on developing people and helping businesses connect to their marketplaces… he’s an awesome gentleman. A privilege to know him!

Michael Jackson

Proud director and member

Proud director and member of the board of directors of Integer Wealth Global Limited, a financial investment company specialising in project and business investments.

Founding member of iWealth Finance, a challenger bank and debit and credit card product provider.

Books by Marc Bandemer

Real manuals published with real first-hand experiences by the author with insight and advice on how to take dreams off the street and realise them for those people with empires in their minds.


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