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Marc Bandemer: entrepreneur, author, investment manager, pilot, husband, father, philanthropist and home made but awkward, weird sort-of comedian and many more roles which he occupies.

A consummate entrepreneur, Marc advises and participates many international financial business and project financial planning, with a focus on investment into commercial and industrial projects in non conflict stable economy jurisdictions across the globe.

As an accomplished ‘Technical Writer’, Marc has authored many processes, ISO and other and procedures for financial intuitions, international government departments and corporations alike, and as a technical speaker and consultant has delivered many key turnaround strategies for clients on several continents.

With a signature welcoming personality, high sense of humour and open dialog approach, he, with his sense of true humility captures his audience with a professional charm and a positive confident self image result, a pilot with a love for all things aviation and an active motorcyclist (always found on his Harley Davidson), he remains young at heart and adventurous. (and thinks he is the fastest draw, cowboy like, anywhere)


A public speaker on invite, Marc has made several television and radio appearances and is a columnist for various business and newspaper publications.


Married to Lioni Bandemer and with his son Ralph Thomas Matthew Bandemer, the family lives in Hampshire, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Nicosia in Cyprus alike.


In his spare time he rides his motorbikes and flies his aircraft. Marc recently reduced from a commercial pilot to a private pilot, after some 30 years of flying.


Marc was born in Duisburg in Germany on 19 June1964 and grew up in Germany and Holland in the early years.

At the time many opportunities presented themselves around the world and at the time, his father Werner Bandemer (Karl Paul Werner Bandemer), with his travelling and exploitative spirit within his father, soon brought the family to South Africa with Werner's wife Rosemary on the 8 November 1968.

The family first settled in the Vaal Triangle, and industrial area about 50 Km south of bustling Johannesburg, and Marc and family settled first in a town called Vereeniging (the Dutch translation is ‘gathering’), before moving to the neighbouring town of Vandebijlpark, named of the famous Vanderbilt family.

In a mostly heavy steel industry environment with steel mills and coal deposits to fire massive blast furnaces all over the area, the towns in the areas were known as steel towns, filled with middle class ‘blue collar’ workers and much of the success of the area was attributed to the rich supply of coal from Vereeniging, the massive ‘city like’ steel factory at the time names ISCOR (Iron and Steel corporation) at the time which was since taken over by Mittal Steel, and renamed as such. The Vaal Triangle consists of four town being Vereeniging, Vandebijlpark, Meyerton and Sasolburg.

The towns all nestle on the large Vaal river, flowing from the large Vaal dam, hence the reference ‘Vaal Triangle’.

Within such a technical environment Marc grew up in a technical school, served a technical apprentice under several industry giants such as ISCOR, DAVSTEEL and others to become a qualified  'Machinist', under the guardianship of the specialist engineers of David Fourie, and David Venter, two exceptional mechanical engineers, and once reaching the age of 23 he left school to pursue a more academic scholarship at the local technical institutions where he became a structural engineer (B.Tech) after studying a trade in structural engineering and economics.

Marc moved to the metropolis of Johannesburg where he soon became engulfed in further engineering projects and soon began studying more methodical approaches of applying his knowledge and so studied a then MBL In Project Management. He completed an MBA at De Montfort University from the United Kingdom in the early 2000’s.

Family History

The family is an ancient one to say the least with the first recorded historical entry stemming from a place called ‘Bandemer’s Dorf’ or ‘Bandemer’s Village’, dating from 1295 in the eastern Germanium territories and were primarily armament suppliers to neighbouring kingdoms and mercenaries.

The Bandemer clan are found all over the world, from Australia to the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and of course Germany.

Marc’s family are Karl Paul Werner Bandemer, (Deceased 2015), Rosemary Bandemer (nee Zaidel), (Deceased 1996), Ralph Bandemer, Marc’s infant brother (Deceased 1966) and Eyke Torsten Bandemer, Marc’s only surviving brother living in Germany who relocated from South Africa in 1995. Eyke is Marc’s older brother by 3.5 years, a financial professional in his own academic standing.

Marc’s son, Ralph-Thomas Matthew Bandemer is the only male child of the family, a graduate professional fashion designer with a BA Degree in fashion design and lives in the UK too.

Marc’s love of everything is certainty his family, his son Ralph-Thomas, and his wife Lioni Bandemer, herself a successful fashion designer and “excessive fitness freak” who ‘hurts’ most of England and Ireland’s pavements and roads by walking an average of 140 km per week, and then still goes to the gym daily. (Really girl..??!!)

In Marc’s life there have been many failures, far outstretching his successes, however with an ever humble heart, he steps forward to move himself, his family and his companies forward to growth during multiple personal and international turbulent times.

See below the certificate from the ‘National Historical Research Centre’ in Ireland, a gift which Marc gave to his father for his father’s birthday in 1992, and now it hangs in his own lounge.


Books by Marc Bandemer

A real manuals published with real first-hand experiences by the author with insight and advice on how to take dreams off the street and realise them for those people with empires in their minds.


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