BREXIT, fibre optics and the case of the missing cat (..and a random goat)

A brief comedic view of national priorities

I have not posted an article for some months now, with the reason that I am under some pressure to perform to critical tasks and deadlines in my business, so please forgive my absence but as priorities go, I just had to write this brief article.

In the UK, the common reaction to high profile news items is intense, detailed and continuous until a new event takes centre stage in the media, which then takes over, and so on.

With the highest topic on the country’ agenda over the past three years, with an accelerated focus as time approaches the end of March when the UK is intended to part ways with its 40-year partners in the European Union, one would think that issues like Brexit and other high-profile stories took preference in the media.

But not in the UK.

I live in Basingstoke and across the road from my home is a convenience store, and adjacent to our home is a large communal public field. Recently a person in the store fainted and in true British fashion, three police vehicles, an ambulance, and a fire truck arrived within minutes, as also, yes, an air ambulance which landed in the adjacent field.

So, it is with no surprise that amongst world events, Syria, the French strikes, the South African elections, illegal European immigration and Brexit, that it was most fitting to launch a nationwide alert to the public about ‘Puss’ the domestic Welsh cat which went missing.

Much to the bewildered amazement of my wife and me, on 3 January, BBC2 Radio began a running commentary during the following two days of the involuntary abduction of the cat which went missing in Lampeter, a town in Ceredigion, in South West Wales.

The “tomcat”, as Jane Worrall the cat’s owner described the curious and friendly two-year-old feline, disappeared from her home while a BT (British Telecom) team were installing a fibre optic installation at the owners premises.

After what seems like a forensic investigation by Scotland Yard, MI-6, James Bond and the neighbours, the conclusion was that Puss snuck into the BT team’s van and hitched a ride.

Well, this of course was ‘cat’astrophic to Britain as a whole and the story broke on nationwide radio, with repeated mentions in one hour intervals of the hap-hazardous kidnappers, who were unaware they had a furry grey stowaway with them, and much to the shock and horror of the nation, BT had no idea who the team was that attended the fibre optic installation at Madam Worrall’s premises.

The two technicians were quite possibly listening to another radio station while making off with their cat-napped victim and did not hear any of the repeated national radio and media appeals trying to notify them. Shame on them for possibly listening to Eminem instead.

Jane’s desperate search for Puss had taken her to Cardiff and Merthyr in a bid to track down the sub-contractors who inadvertently ‘kidnapped’ her two-year-old pet.

Then, somewhere around 9 January, and much to Jane’s relief, Puss re appeared through the cat flap in the door, and owner and pet were reunited. The cat had ‘sore paws’ and looked a bit worse for the weather from his ordeal, but owner and pet are both reported to be fine.

What is most amazing about this story is the true British consideration for its people. There is not often an issue even for such a small personal matter, which would not be escalated to national importance, through the compassion and empathy of the public, media and emergency channels alike.

PS.. and to illustrate my point, at this very moment while writing this article, my son alerted me on Facebook to this story…

Missing Goat Was Found 25 Miles Away From Home, Catching Tram To Manchester

Owner Julie Swindell, 49, said Belle the pygmy goat went missing from her farm in Greenfield, Saddleworth. Belle had been presumed stolen earlier in the morning as a gate to the farm was open and the electric wires had been taken down.

She turned up 25 miles away, waiting behind the yellow line with other commuters.

Animal rescuer Louise Fields, from the ‘Dogs 4 Rescue’, went to the tram stop after receiving a call from a member. (Credit to 9GaG –

Ok, I’m wrapping up now as I am literally speechless and flopping about with laughter..