Making a real difference

Question: Does your investment aid in making a difference?

A few months ago we painfully departed from what seemed a solid relation with a potential partner company and what really seemed a really good few men who represented them.

Investment challenge R100 000 - Making a Difference by Marc Bandemer

We seemingly shared a vision and also a close relationship with a corporate social investment (CSI) management company and developed a path through which we would both benefit each other.

However suddenly and through the discovery of a simple negative disclosure of an 8 year old posting by a single individual on a free WordPress page, which was revealed in the beginning of our relationship 6 months earlier, the relationships both with the original company and their CSI were suddenly terminated within a single day.

This hurt both our own fledgling company due to months of work on systems, processes and procedures and off course myself as a person, but nevertheless we overcame the rejection as a company and its management and moved on.

However what became clear afterwards is this company’s sole function is to move African wealth, high net worth and corporate funds out of both South Africa and Africa itself to other international jurisdictions, and are doing so throughout the remainder of Africa.

We as Integer Wealth on the other hand are creating opportunities to moving money from outside our borders, into both Africa and South Africa to bolster our economies, create jobs, careers through credible and realistic sustainable projects with corporate social responsibility in ours and other countries.

Investment Challenge

Investment challenge R100 000 - Making a Difference by Marc Bandemer

I and we, challenge any company who propagates the removal of funds off shore (out of Africa) to compare our return on investments locally, even in the currency difference which is the primary bait on their hook, and make a local difference to the underprivileged of our own country, and take responsibility of the country they use as a platform to solicit funds from our high net worth individuals, pension funds and other schemes to move these outside of our borders and countries, and match our own company’s efforts in growing South, Southern and the rest of Africa, and to at least match our offer of our effort of donating R 100 000 to an educational fund to our CSI (Corporate Social Investment) program, of which ours is to the ‘World Wide Literacy’ program with their incredible 20 year proven track record of their ‘SmartBrain’ program available throughout South Africa and beyond.

Remove the mask of the emblem. A mask. Show the real face. In other words, put your money where your mouth is. R100 000 to educate local kids.